We inspire business and operational excellence through effective collaboration while producing stable and predictable results.

Eura Szuwalski, Lisa Klock and Tracy O'Rourke


We align, promote, educate and empower department ambassadors (faculty, staff, and students) by building on the spirit of campus communities to improve and innovate campus processes and practices.  We guide, advise, and stand with you through training and hands on opportunities to transform the way we work according to your wants and needs.

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Group gathers in front of board


We specialize in the practices of Lean Six Sigma, a method that relies on collaborative team effort to improve performance and remove waste, project management, and change management to improve processes.  We will meet with you to define the problem, analyze the root issue, and develop the best possible solution. 

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We offer training resources to empower you with the knowledge and skills to promote continuous improvement and to develop best practices by bridging campus communities.

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