About Us



To facilitate a culture of continuous improvement communities through the development of emerging skills and technology.  We inspire business and operational excellence through effective collaboration while producing stable and predictable results.


Our team is comprised of process improvement experts who will work with you using their expertise in different areas to achieve the most beneficial outcome. We will assess your project as a team and allocate necessary resources based on needs and technology selected. Our team is continuously engaging in professional development activities to better serve you. We currently hold certifications and have done training in Lean Six Sigma, DocuSign administration, SmartSheet, ProMapp, Project Management, and Change Management. We are always adding new tools to better serve our campus community.


  • Increase and inspire the potential of our campus by exposing them to and equipping them with continuous process improvement and project management techniques such as Lean Six Sigma, business systems analysis, and project management strategies.
  • Reduce process cycle times (i.e. how long it takes to complete a quality work output).
  • Build effective social and organizational structures that bring faculty, staff, and students together in a community of interest to improve the structures and processes of UCSB for the benefit of our community. 
  • Reduce waste and inefficiency (e.g. reduction in paper and unnecessary commutes between agencies on campus).