Docusign: Getting Started


Signing in

  1.  Go to UCSB DocuSign Login
  2.  You will be directed to our UCSB Single Sign-on. Enter your UCSBnetID and UCSBnetID password and click Login. Note: If you are signed into Box or any other SSO connected service, you will automatically be rerouted to your DocuSign main page without reentering your credentials.
  3. You will be connected to your DocuSign account. All new users will be set with UCSB DS Senders permissions. For additional permissions, see below for more details.
  4. After getting started, you may want to set up your profile and signature. To set up your profile in UCSB's DocuSign instance, please visit this user guide: New User Guide


Additional Permissions

To become a UCSB DocuSign Author, please watch the sef-paced webinars that are linked on the resources tab. After completing these webinars, please email with your full name and UCSBnetID. We will then promote you in DocuSign, giving you all the permissions of a UCSB DocuSign Author.