DocuSign Resources


Toolbox: DocuSign knowlege base that has general help articles for  authors, signers, and senders.

Docusign Toolkit 


Author: the author role allows the users to create templates (reusable documents) and PowerForms for senders. 

Getting Started with Sending Templates: courses teach authors how to send envelopes with templates using DocuSign University  

Getting Starting with PowerForms: website teaches new authors the benefits of creating templates, using, and distributing powerforms through DocuSign

Manage PowerForms and PowerForm responses:  courses teach authors how to manage PowerForms and the responses using DocuSign University


Sender: the sender role is reserved for university employees who will need to send one-time digital documents for their signature or the signatures of others, whether internal or external. Employees are auto-provisioned to this access level.

Docusign Sender Essentials - Overview : Tour of DocuSign, an overview of a document life cycle and overview of sending an envelope. 

Docusign Sender Essentials - Send without a template : Course will cover uploading a document, recipients and workflows, messaging for recipients, reminders and expirationss and adding fields to document. 

Docusign Sender Essentials - Managing Sent Envelopes: Course will cover envelope management, folder management, correcting envelopes and other essential envelope workflows. 


Signer: All UCSB users with a valid UCSBnetID will have a signer role. 

How to access forms: tutorial for signers on how to access UCSB DocuSign signer forms